Moss Hysteria Review

Moss Hysteria (A Flower Shop Mystery #18)

Title: Moss Hysteria

Author: Kate Collins

Release Date: April 5, 2016

Publisher: Berkley

Pages: 336 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery

My Rating: 4star


Abby and Marco’s new neighborhood isn’t as rosy as it seems in the latest Flower Shop Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Florist Grump and A Root Awakening.
Flower shop owner Abby Knight and her husband, Marco, are ecstatic to finally be moving into their new home, despite the prospect of unpacking a seemingly infinite number of boxes. After all, Brandywine—their new subdivision—seems like an oasis with its welcoming neighbors and beautifully manicured lawns.

But their idyllic community is suddenly uprooted when a body is found floating in a nearby pond. The police think Abby and Marco’s helpful next door neighbor is the culprit, but the newlyweds aren’t convinced.

Meanwhile, Marco distrusts his mother’s slick new boyfriend, and Abby’s cousin Jillian has agreed to decorate their new home, resulting in comic chaos. Even worse, as Abby and Marco dig through Brandywine’s secrets in search of a killer, they discover that some flowers come from very bad seeds…and danger stalks even the sunniest small-town streets.”

my review

I also recieved this book from Berkley last summer (I know I’m slowly finishing them up!) and I was super excited to receive this book because I love this series!

It was nice to finally see Marco and Abby moving in together. When you follow their story as long as I have been

I really liked this story because it kept the old little town and characters but also introduced a new set of characters and setting. That’s really nice with long series such as this because then it feels like something different is happening rather than the same thing over and over.

I also liked how Collins made you think so many different people were suspects without actually saying it, but then it wasn’t even who you suspected!

Great Cozy Mystery once again from Kate Collins!


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