The Siren Review

The Siren

Title: The Siren

Author: Kiera Cass

Release Date: January 26, 2016

Publisher: Harper Teen

Pages: 327 pages

Genre: YA

My Rating: 3star

goodreadssynopsisLove is a risk worth taking.

Years ago, Kahlen was rescued from drowning by the Ocean. To repay her debt, she has served as a Siren ever since, using her voice to lure countless strangers to their deaths. Though a single word from Kahlen can kill, she can’t resist spending her days on land, watching ordinary people and longing for the day when she will be able to speak and laugh and live freely among them again.

Kahlen is resigned to finishing her sentence in solitude…until she meets Akinli. Handsome, caring, and kind, Akinli is everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. And though she can’t talk to him, they soon forge a connection neither of them can deny…and Kahlen doesn’t want to.

Falling in love with a human breaks all the Ocean’s rules, and if the Ocean discovers Kahlen’s feelings, she’ll be forced to leave Akinli for good. But for the first time in a lifetime of following the rules, Kahlen is determined to follow her heart.”

my reviewI think I went into this book with very high expectations, which is never a good thing.

Can we just stop and admire the cover for a bit though. Like every other Kiera Cass book the cover on this book is honestly what drew my attention. I’m not even going to lie, the dress and ocean are just absolutely gorgeous.

I was expecting this to be like The Selection Series, unfortunately it’s not. So if you go into this book with the expectation I did, you will be disappointed. Once you realize that it’s not going to be anything like The Selection, you’ll enjoy the story much more.

I did enjoy each of the characters and you really got to feel what Kahlen felt throughout the whole story. I also liked how we got a glimpse of how all the different Sirens were dealing with being a Siren.

I definitely liked Akinli but I did think that their relationship and intensity happened way too fast as it usually is in YA books. But this didn’t stop me from becoming a complete fangirl over the whole relationship.

I would recommend this book to others, my only advice would be don’t compare it to The Selection.

I’ll just end off this review with a quote I really loved from the story because I think it can apply to so much in life

“There’s always room for love, even if it’s as small as a crack in a door”

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