Mum’s the Word Review

Mum's the Word (A Flower Shop Mystery, #1)

Title: Mum’s the Word

Author: Kate Collins

Release Date: November 2, 2004

Publisher: Signet

Pages: 304 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery

My Rating: 3star

goodreadssynopsisAbby Knight is the proud owner of her hometown flower shop, but a new low-cost competitor is killing her profits-and a black SUV just rammed her vintage Corvette in a hit-and-run. She’s determined to track down the driver, but when the trail turns deadly, the next flower arrangement might be for her own funeral.

my reviewThis was a great cozy mystery and am now on a mission to finish the entire series.

There’s a lot in the series, but that’s ok.

In the debut novel Abby Knight (the main character) is targeted by not only the killer but also the police force. Her dad is an ex cop who got shot in the line of duty. The story follows Abby tracking down who is targeting her, helping a friend out, meddling where she shouldn’t be, trying to figure out who the murderer is all while trying to sort out her feelings for two different guys.

The thing I loved most about this book was the dialogue. It was really good. Abby is so funny and she really keeps the book interesting.

I also feel like this book is different than other cozy mysteries because Abby is not questioning every single person in town to try to figure out who the murder is.

I also feel at times Abby was being really silly (I don’t like the word stupid so I say silly instead). I think that’s what downgraded it from a four star to a three star book.

I can’t wait to continue this series 🙂

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