Creative Blogger Award

So I have a whole bunch of tags that I eventually will get to, so for now just a quick one 🙂

Creative Blogger Award!!!

Aneta over at Inspire Scripe has tagged me to do the Creative Blogger Award, if you’re not already following her you definitely should go now!


• Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
• Share 5 facts about yourself.
• Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
• Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

My facts:

  1. I went through ton of schooling. 7 years of extra school ontop of highschool to be in my career. It was a really hard journey to finally get employed in it, but I love it. Psychology will always be my other passion (other than reading).
  2. I learned how to read when I was 3. In grade one my report card the teacher wrote that during free play I liked to take a novel and read and that they were encouaging me to try to read picture books.
  3. I am deathly afraid of fish. LIke big time. However I am proud of myself because when i went to Cuba this past February I actually swam with fish. It was terrifying.
  4. I am tomboyish but love dresses if that makes sense. Especially big poofy Cinderella type dresses!
  5. I also have an obsession with socks. I”m pretty sure my sock collection is just as big as my book collection!

I nominate:

Makayla @ Random Reads

Kendra @ Reads and Treats

Rae @ bookmarkchronicles

Nicole @ Away in Neverland

Claire @ Art and Soul

8 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. Claire | Art and Soul says:

    Who doesn’t love big Cinderella-style dresses? (If anyone says they don’t, they’re lying!).
    Thanks for nominating me. I have a whole bunch of tags and awards to do – I’m so behind. But when I do this, I’ll let you know. Sorry, it might take a while, but I really do appreciate you nominating me – thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aneta says:

    Thanks for doing the award! I love Psychology..that was something I was interested in high school but sadly never pursued! Bet it was a proud moment once you finished all the studying 😀 Congrats!


  3. Ember @ literary constellation says:

    My best friend is obsessed with socks as well! The weird thing is, she only wears them when she has to — if she’s in the house or something, she won’t wear them lol.
    I’m assuming you mean you went to school for psychology? If so, it’s something I’ve been thinking about (for a major or a minor; I haven’t decided yet because I want to go for creative writing too).


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