To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before Review

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)

Title: To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Release Date: April 15, 2014

Publisher: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers

Pages: 288 pages

Genre: YA

My Rating: 4star

goodreadssynopsisTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean, who has never openly admitted her crushes, but instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it, and hid it in a box under her bed. But one day Lara Jean discovers that somehow her secret box of letters has been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp, even her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara Jean discovers that something good may come out of these letters after all.

my reviewThis book was a surprise to me.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it because it can be seen as a romance novel. Also I tend to not like much of the super hyped books. The hype on this book was high. But it was well worth it.

This book is so much more than a romance. In fact I wouldn’t call that at all. I find this book is more a coming of age novel. A book about what it is like growing up. About real life.

I really did think a lot of this book could be based on real life experinces. I also don’t think it’s really just for teenagers or young adults.

There was so much I was able to relate to. A lot of the questions and feelings Lara Jean has coincides with those of having your first love. Do you know if it’s love? Do you love those that you think you do? How do you trust someone? How can you be vulnerable to someone?

More than that though. What’s it like to grow up? To have more responsibilities? How do our fears get in the way of our lives? What happens when we hurt someone we really care about? How do you stop loving someone?

I know this review is all over the place, but I just cannot describe this book. So instead why don’t you just go read this book and see for yourself how truly remarkable this book is!

Girl Meets Ghost Review

Girl Meets Ghost (Girl Meets Ghost, #1)

Title: Girl Meets Ghost

Author: Lauren Barnholdt

Release Date: February 5, 2013

Publisher: Aladdin

Pages: 224 pages

Genre: Tween/YA

My Rating: 3star

goodreadssynopsisA tween girl becomes a reluctant medium in this start to a hilariously haunting series.

There’s an old saying that “dead men tell no tales” — but that saying is definitely not true. Just ask twelve-year-old Kendall Williams, who can’t get dead people to stop talking to her, no matter how politely she asks. It’s pretty frustrating being able to hear and see people that no one else can. For one thing, her friends and family think she’s going crazy. And for another, being spotted by your crush while talking to (seemingly) no one is positively mortifying. But Kendall is going to have to learn how to deal, because the only way to quiet the dead is to help them.’

my reviewI don’t care that I am a 29-year-old adult, sometimes I like to read Tween books.

The covers are always so cute, and honestly they are quick but good reads.

This book was no exception. It was cute, it was quick, and it had a great story line.

First of all I love that the ghost is an ex gymnast. I was a gymnast myself, and really anything with gymnastics still has a really soft spot in my heart. I loved the gymnastics talk and the fact that Kendall got to go to gymnastics meets.

The story line was also really good because there was a mystery to it. Not only does Kendall see and talk to ghosts but she is also required to figure out the mystery of what the ghost is telling her. Usually so the ghost can pass on.

This reminds me of a younger version of The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot.

Also there’s just something nice about reading this story. It reminds you of your childhood and what it was like to be that young. Very cute.

Some Like it Witchy

Some Like It Witchy (A Wishcraft Mystery, #5)

Title: Some Like It Witchy

Author: Heather Blake

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Publisher: NAL

Pages: 302 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery

My Rating: 3star

goodreadssynopsisWishcrafter Darcy Merriweather can charm desires into reality, but as the national bestselling Wishcraft mysteries continue, she won’t be able to magically avoid trouble when death holds an open house….

The Enchanted Village is abuzz when the old Tavistock house finally goes up for sale. Darcy’s friend Curecrafter Cherise Goodwin is hoping she will have the winning bid on the home, but Darcy can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen—and her magical instincts are usually right.

Sure enough, while Darcy and Cherise are looking at the property, they discover real estate agent Raina Gallagher stone-cold dead on the floor. Clutched in her hand is a gemstone amulet and, on the wall above her, a large red A. While Raina had no shortage of enemies, there’s also a dark legend about the house itself. To track down the killer, Darcy must unlock the secrets of both the deceased and the estate—and she’ll need to act fast, because revenge is a deal that never closes.… ”

my reviewI really should have taken notes while I was reading this.

I liked this book just as much as the rest of them.

The town that is created is so cute and charming. I like how it’s filled with both magical people and non magical people. They don’t know who is magical and who isn’t.

I also think that Darcy and her sister are so cute together.

There’s not only the mystery of the book but the greater mystery of who the Elder is. Although I think I know who it is from the last book. I’m a little upset that they didn’t mention who it was in this book. But I guess there’s always the next book.

The mystery of this edition was really good. I love who it ended up being. I was also able to figure out who it was which always excites me way more than it probably should.

This is a great mystery for anyone who likes cozy mysteries and magic/witch books.

Mum’s the Word Review

Mum's the Word (A Flower Shop Mystery, #1)

Title: Mum’s the Word

Author: Kate Collins

Release Date: November 2, 2004

Publisher: Signet

Pages: 304 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery

My Rating: 3star

goodreadssynopsisAbby Knight is the proud owner of her hometown flower shop, but a new low-cost competitor is killing her profits-and a black SUV just rammed her vintage Corvette in a hit-and-run. She’s determined to track down the driver, but when the trail turns deadly, the next flower arrangement might be for her own funeral.

my reviewThis was a great cozy mystery and am now on a mission to finish the entire series.

There’s a lot in the series, but that’s ok.

In the debut novel Abby Knight (the main character) is targeted by not only the killer but also the police force. Her dad is an ex cop who got shot in the line of duty. The story follows Abby tracking down who is targeting her, helping a friend out, meddling where she shouldn’t be, trying to figure out who the murderer is all while trying to sort out her feelings for two different guys.

The thing I loved most about this book was the dialogue. It was really good. Abby is so funny and she really keeps the book interesting.

I also feel like this book is different than other cozy mysteries because Abby is not questioning every single person in town to try to figure out who the murder is.

I also feel at times Abby was being really silly (I don’t like the word stupid so I say silly instead). I think that’s what downgraded it from a four star to a three star book.

I can’t wait to continue this series 🙂

WWW Wednesday

I’m back!! I don’t know if this is frowned upon in the book blog community but I am about to post like 5 posts! I have internet back and I am home sick so no work. Getting over a cold. I figure this is a great time to get a bunch of reviews up, so that after that I can do some of my tags that have been piling up!

So I’m excited to get to be doing my WWW Wednesday again 🙂

So here is my WWW Wednesday, hosted by Sam


Currently Reading:

I am currently reading The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay. This is an ARC I got from Net Galley. So far I’m really liking it. It’s set and I believe written in the 1930’s so it has that old time England feel that I love! I am hoping to finish this today as I have a lot of time to read now, since the best medicine for a cold is rest!

The Santa Klaus Murder: A British Library Crime Classic

The other book I’m currently reading is Shatter Me by Tahereh Mali. I have seen mixed review upon mixed review for this book. I have been adding it and taking it off of my TBR pile for years. When the original cover was the girl in the white dress. I finally decided to give it a go and see for myself. So far I’m really happy I decided to add it. It’s good so far!

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

Recently Finished:

Since I’ve last done my WWW Wednesday I have filed Outlander by Diana Gabaldon as a DNF. It started off so so amazing, but it just fizzled for me and I couldn’t continue.

So here are pictures of books I have finished the review are either already up, or will be posted after this post (if I get through that many)!

The Heir (The Selection, #4)Mum's the Word (A Flower Shop Mystery, #1)Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)

Some Like It Witchy (A Wishcraft Mystery, #5)Girl Meets Ghost (Girl Meets Ghost, #1)To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)

What I’m reading Next:

I’ll just post a few photos of some books I plan on reading next… although I don’t seem to stick to reading plans but we shall see!

Kindred Spirits (Saranormal, #8)Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Have you read any of these? Thoughts on anything you see here? Post a link and let me check out your WWW Wednesday 🙂 Happy reading everyone xoxox Tori

Scarlet Book Review

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)

Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Release Date: February 5, 2013

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 452 pages

Genre: YA

My Rating: 5star


Cinder, the cyborg mechanic, returns in the second thrilling installment of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to break out of prison–even though if she succeeds, she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive.

Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn’t know about her grandmother or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother’s whereabouts, she is loath to trust this stranger, but is inexplicably drawn to him, and he to her. As Scarlet and Wolf unravel one mystery, they encounter another when they meet Cinder. Now, all of them must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana, who will do anything for the handsome Prince Kai to become her husband, her king, her prisoner.”

my reviewThis book omg.

I love this series soo much!

I’m going to try my best to not fan girl. I kind of suck at reviewing it’s always just my thoughts of how good the book was or why I didn’t like.

So for this book I love how every book intertwines with each other. What I mean is Cinder is also in Scarlets story. There are mentions of Cress within Cinder and it is assumed they are going to go find Cress. This whole intertwining kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video.

Reminds me so much of the girls of The Lunar Chronicles.

The book really picks up after about 200 pages.

Also can I just say wolf is so yummy, but then he is so lame lol!

Honestly go read this book. It is so amazing, I’ve never seen a story quite done like this book. So original and so amazing!!!

Creative Blogger Award

So I have a whole bunch of tags that I eventually will get to, so for now just a quick one 🙂

Creative Blogger Award!!!

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My facts:

  1. I went through ton of schooling. 7 years of extra school ontop of highschool to be in my career. It was a really hard journey to finally get employed in it, but I love it. Psychology will always be my other passion (other than reading).
  2. I learned how to read when I was 3. In grade one my report card the teacher wrote that during free play I liked to take a novel and read and that they were encouaging me to try to read picture books.
  3. I am deathly afraid of fish. LIke big time. However I am proud of myself because when i went to Cuba this past February I actually swam with fish. It was terrifying.
  4. I am tomboyish but love dresses if that makes sense. Especially big poofy Cinderella type dresses!
  5. I also have an obsession with socks. I”m pretty sure my sock collection is just as big as my book collection!

I nominate:

Makayla @ Random Reads

Kendra @ Reads and Treats

Rae @ bookmarkchronicles

Nicole @ Away in Neverland

Claire @ Art and Soul

A Court of Thorns and Roses Review

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)

Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children

Pages: 416 pages

Genre: YA

My Rating: 4star

goodreadssynopsisA thrilling, seductive new series from New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas, blending Beauty and the Beast with faerie lore.

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow grows over the faerie lands, and Feyre must find a way to stop it… or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.

Perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore and George R. R. Martin, this first book in a sexy and action-packed new series is impossible to put down!”

my reviewThis book was fantastic!

I had such a mix of emotions during it, which is always a great thing when reading a book.

I already can’t wait for the next!

So this review is kind of late I read this about two weeks ago and totally forgot to take notes because I was so into reading it, so I’m trying to go off of memory here.

This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but it is so different too. Tamlin isn’t a beast but rather has been cursed into wearing a mask. Feyre doesn’t want a library, she wants to pain!

I was hooked right from the start of this book. I needed to see what was going to happen.

Feyre is another strong female character that Maas has written. She is so bad but so good.

At first I thought there was going to be a Tamlin and Lucien love triangle and I was so into it!

Then I was fan girling over Feyre and Tamlin.

Then I was rolling my eyes at them!

I was also hooked into the plot. I needed to know what was going on.

Then at parts I was cheering on Feyre and her awesome decision making! Then I was feeling scared with her!

Ok that was a complete rambling but seriously, amazing book!

I’m here

I just wanted to let everyone know, I’m still here and commited to my blog but unfortunately I have very limited internet connection the next two weeks. So in the mean time I”ll just read read and come back with lots to update about 🙂

The Heir Review

The Heir (The Selection, #4)

Title: The Heir

Author: Kiera Cass

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Publisher: Harper Teen

Pages: 342 pages

Genre: YA

My Rating: 5star

goodreadssynopsisPrincess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible.

But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her story to end in romance. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn’s heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her . . . and proving that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.”

my reviewI loved this book. I don’t know what it is about this series but I get completely sucked in.

In fact I think I sit there with a smile on my face the entire time I’m reading it.

I’m almost certain this is what I look like the entire time I’m reading a book from this series.

Ok so let me tell you about Eadlyn. Now this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but I really liked her! I think she is what makes this book so good. I know I know you are all like …

but hear me out!

I am the type of person who likes to know why people do the things they do, and I try my best to understand people. I love it!

Eadlyn in the beginning annoyed me so much. I was like wow can this girl get any more bratty? Then I thought wait, I can’t be judgemental here. Why is she like that?

It completely changed the story for me, and I believe this is what Cass was trying to get at.

Think about it, Eadlyn has all this pressure on her. She has been labeled since birth as a woman who will be strong and rule the country. She has to be cold, she has to never let her guard down, she can’t be bothered with other people because I truly think in her eyes, caring is a weakness. She has not been able to think about any of the people she lives with because she is living up to that label.

I also get the feeling she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. That she feels like she has to live up to this Queen business and has to follow every single thing they ask of her.

I also think that because of all this she has truly not been able to think of who she is. Who is Eadlyn if she is not Queen? I think that’s the bigger point of this book. She’s trying to figure out who she is without all the labels.

She is in an internal battle with all of this. I think it’s great. Such a great great story!

I also love how as she gets to know all the guys, she is slowly learning who she is. It’s not making her dependent, she is still the independent woman she is. She’s just learning who she is without the title of Queen.

I also notice that she gets really scared when she is vulnerable with the boys.

I just love it all! Sorry I”m totally gushing here, there’s just so much depth in the character!

I also am a sucker for the romance side of things. Kile? Henri? or Erik! Ahhh!

Ok so basically go read this booK! But keep an open mind about Eadlyn, about why she is acting the way she is. I think you’ll have a much better time with the book!